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Mind Fiber
The Pensieve
Time for a cool change... 
10th-May-2008 11:25 pm

I was at the salon the other day to get a hair cut.. I have shorter hair now.. my head feels kinda light actually.. :p 

I was actually feeling a little conscious because they were so happy to see me.. they said I look thinner.. which is true.. I lost weight... he he he... :D

My sleeping habit also changed. Sometimes I'd fall asleep at 10 pm and i'll be up by 4 am.. but once I'm up at 4 am, I can't go back to sleep anymore. It's actually not bad..

I got addicted to animes again.. I watch animax most of the time. It started when I watched La Corda D'Oro, then God Save Our King and now Colour Cloud Palace..

Oh, well...


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