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Mind Fiber
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sleeping chicken... 
23rd-Apr-2008 10:34 am

I have a really bad sleeping habit..

I'd be up till, like 10 am.. ( I really don't know where my day begins) I'd be too sleepy for not sleeping the entire night and when I do fall asleep, I'd be awake after two hours.. Let's say I'm up around 12 noon, I'll start feeling sleepy around 9 pm or 10 pm. You'd think that would be a good sign sleeping at 10 pm, but I will already be up around 1 am and wont be able to go back to sleep until 10 am..

Sheng told me not to sleep around noon so that i'll be all too sleepy at night time, when normal people go to sleep, I actually did that a couple of times but I'm still gonna be awake after 2 to 3 hours.. I really don't call that sleeping, I call that napping..

23rd-Apr-2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
i blame it on global warming, melting of the ice caps, and the holes in the ozone layer. :p

mag HSBC apply na tayo.. or 24/7! i think our bodies just need more activity and exercise... hee. :D
24th-Apr-2008 11:37 am (UTC)
sige ba.. pag balik mo dito sabay tayo apply...
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